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Health and Chocolate

Good food for good health, and good chocolate for good feelings

Food is about friendship and family.  Relating and relaxing.  It’s also about nourishing our bodies.  Here are recipes of food that I love making, and of course, that I love eating.  I might throw in a random post about stretching or laugher as the best medicine from time to time.  But trust me, I’d rather be writing about something I can eat when I’m done posting.

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A Year Without Dieting

This week I realized it’s been a year. One year. One whole year since I was dieting.  It's kind of a big deal. Today I was talking with a friend of mine about life before this process.  I started to cry.  It’s hard to find words to explain to someone who hasn't lived it what its like to feel judged by people at the drive through any time I order a milkshake.  To feel like I’m making a bad decision when I get seconds, even when I’m hungry and actually need to eat more.  To be at the restaurant, doing squats or jumping jacks in the stall after using the restroom because I’m so hyper-aware that the restaurant food is more calories than I “should be eating in a day.” How do I even begin to explain what a relief it has been to slowly, painfully leave this whole system behind me? Have you done these things? Do you feel this?  Let me back up. Growing up I was normal skinny.  Not the tiny shapeless girl of the nineties, but pretty normal. Average skinny, with a nice big butt. I never thought of myself as being skinny. I’m relatively tall, so I’m in no way tiny. Plus it was the nineties, so my healthy skinny didn't quite match the anorexic look that was being sold as "normal." But still. The six months before getting married I was quite busy and lost 20 pounds.  I worked for a coffee shop for six months after I got married and gained it all back.  I was just starting to work out and try to get healthy at a whopping 23 years old when I ended up pregnant.  Pregnancy, hormones, breastfeeding, and sleepless nights covered the majority of the next 9 years of my life. Sleepless nights merging into ten! Or Eleven? I've lost count. My kids aren’t great sleepers. During this time whenever I was breastfeeding I was trying to watch what I ate.  Calorie counting. Worried I'd never lose the weight. When I wasn’t breastfeeding I was trying hard to lose weight. Granted, I was loaded with hormones.  Admittedly, I wasn’t sleeping much to begin with.  Then I’d get up early and go to the gym. I’ve since heard that skipping sleep to go to the gym is like skipping over dollar bills to pick up nickels, but I had no understanding of that back then.  When I’d really buckle down, I’d lose weight.  The second I’d ease up I’d gain it all back, and then some. When we’d eat out, I’d feel guilty.  But we ate out more than recommended because I was tired.  Or pregnant. When we were at home I’d feel hungry.  Maybe because I was hungry.  Maybe because I was tired.  The diets began. Starting a few months after I had my first kid, continuing all the way til last year. More than ten years, (minus pregnancies).  Following each pregnancy was a stint of postpartum depression. Always

April 3rd|

A Year Without Dieting

This week I realized it’s been a year. One year. One whole year since I was dieting.  It's kind of a big deal. Today I was talking

Healthy Lettuce Wraps / Dippers

Around our house, we are always bored with food.  When I say we, I don't mean I.  I would be content to eat the same thing every

Vegan meals for non-vegans

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What do you eat when you’re vegan?

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Vegan Journey~ Week 4

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Vegan Journey~ Week 3 & Recipes

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Vegan Journey, Week two

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Two things I know:

there will be tacos,

and there will be Tuesdays.

Happiness is good for your health.

It only makes sense then, that chocolate is a super food.

For your health, eat with thankfulness.

For your health, eat food that is medicine.

Cultures where people live to be quite old have this in common: they eat with thankfulness, with mindfulness, and they often eat with loved ones.