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2016-06-08T22:41:34-05:00Categories: Life Journeys|

Racial tension. Transgender people needing to feel safe in bathrooms. Mothers of young children needing to feel safe in bathrooms. Donald Trump. Hilary Clinton. Artificial intelligence. Global warming. Refugees. My budget. Teething. Too many things

No Pintrest

2016-05-26T20:20:48-05:00Categories: Parenting|

I just want to take a moment to acknowledge that the so called "Proverbial Woman" did not have Pintrest. She did not have Dana-made-it, she did not have I am Baker.  But I would like to

Pondering Questions

2016-05-25T17:13:38-05:00Categories: Uncategorized|

My kids constantly ask me questions.  Can we buy doughnuts?  Why this?  Why that?  Where does the food go after I eat it? Why are some people mean?  Is God real?  Will the dentist hurt me?