Around our house, we are always bored with food.  When I say we, I don’t mean I.  I would be content to eat the same thing every day for a month.  Especially if it includes cheese or chocolate.  But the rest of our family could use a little more variety.  I’m always looking for something healthy, with plant based food, maybe even raw.  Here’s a little bit of both healthy and variety.  I hope you love it as much as we do.

Kid Style: AKA, “Let’s play with our food!”
Wash all the romaine, saving the larger leaves for the grownups. Divvy up the smaller romaine leaves.  Slice some veggies: cucs, carrots and dinosaur trees, (what we call broccoli) are all great choices.  Add some nuts, or chicken, or (_________), and then get a little bit of Caesar for dipping.  (I let the kids get a head start on this meal.  They take a long time to eat it, which is fine cause they eat a ton when we have this.)
Get dipping!
   My kids are eating lots of “veggies.”  They’re playing with their food.
Everybody’s happy:  Mom, Dad, Kids.  We’re all loving it!

Grown up style:  Have fun with this.  It’s a great meal to make vegetarian, serve when you’re entertaining someone who can’t eat gluten, or when you’re wanting to add some raw veggies to your life.

Divide the larger leaves between the grown up plates.  I think a grown up would eat between 4-7 leaves each, depending on the person, and how loaded each leaf is.  Sprinkle parmesan and mozzarella on each leaf.


Next I add chopped veggies. Usually I also add cucumbers, although last night I ran out.
If you are a meat eater (or feeding one) chicken comes next.  Just plain ol’ chicken with salt and pepper.  Add some Caesar dressing to each leaf.
Usually my next step is adding slivered almonds and sunflower seeds.  I like this meal so much better if it HAS the nuts and seeds.  With them, you wouldn’t even need the chicken!  At any rate, my last step is  is boiled eggs, mainly because my husband likes his “salad” to have bulk.  Yummmmmmm.