I don’t know how it happened, but tonight we got started talking about jail, me and the kids.  A great topic for brushing teeth and getting ‘jamies on, right?  Sister said she would like jail so I told her that in jail, you don’t ever get to do what you want.  OR go shopping.  At this point she decided she didn’t ever want to go to jail.

I love the ebb and flow of  being a mom.   All the silly things that you get to talk about with your kids.   All the hundreds of ways that you can impact their lives.

We ended up talking about what to do if we ever “accidentally get put in jail.” Ask God for patience, kindness, and ask God to please let you get out!  I told them the story from Acts about how God sent an Angel to get the disciples out of jail.    Sister liked this idea.  Then she showed me her imaginary unlocking jail door skills.

It was a funny conversation for sure.  But I love how all of life comes around to trusting God.  And that is what you should do if you ever get put in jail.  Trust God.  Not that you plan on getting put in jail.  Just sayin’.