I realize that I never officially ended my Vegan Journey series.  Maybe I will do that sometime.  For now…. 
I was reading an article on saving money, and one of their suggestions was to cut meat out of one meal a week.   The article said that by having one main meal a week that revolved around beans, nuts, and grains you could save about 6 dollars a week.  I don’t know if I agree with that.  But even if it saved you 3 dollars a week it would add up to $153 a year.   Nice.  Plus add the fact that almost every straight-from-a-plant food is packed with things that make you more healthy and less sickly.
Ok, so todays vegan meal for non vegans…
Hummus wraps:
Toasted or heated in the oven ’til slightly cruchy 
(I prefer Ezekiel/ Food for Life tortillas, but they aren’t for everyone.)
I even like to make my own sometimes.  It’s much cheeper to make your own!
~Various Veggies & Greens~ 
Pick a few different ones each time!
Red onions
Green onions
 broccoli slaw
Thinly sliced cucumbers 
Chopped cilantro
Red bell pepper
Salad greens
(I hate the idea of tomatoes in this, but Rodrigues likes ‘um.)
I’m sure there are more options, these are just my favorites!
~Crunch factor~
Almond slivers
Sunflower seeds
Tortilla chips
Heat your tortilla.  If I’m heating a bunch I throw them on a cookie sheet and put them in the oven at 350 for a few minutes. (Maybe about five?)  If I’m just doing for me, I heat them on the “pancake pan”  for a few minutes.  Then I pick some greens and chop them! Cilantro is always a winner.

Cover a toasted tortilla with plenty of humus, put chopped greens on one side and your choice of crunch factor on the other side.  I like slivered almonds best, but sunflower seeds work in a bind.  I’m sure there are other varieties you could try.

Add some lettuce and maybe some corn chips! (I love the crunch the corn chips add!)
Fold it, or wrap it. Or mark it with a “ME.”
At the end of dinner, my plate looks like a salad erupted on it.  I love it.  Look at all that healthiness!
This is one of my favorite meals.  I ate it for lunch, and as I’m looking all these yummy pictures, I’m thinking I might have it for dinner too!  It has the Husband stamp of approval.  Its great for entertaining.   Easy to clean up.  Mainly raw.
  Tryyyy it, you’ll liiiiike it!