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Thoughts on parenting, life, and surviving enthusiastic children.

Grab your cup of coffee, I’ve already got mine, and sneak away for a minute to read parenting stories, thoughts on life, and maybe have a laugh. One of the most vital things in my life as I have grown into motherhood is having a community of moms surrounding me. Getting tips on parenting, sharing stories of mishaps. Reminding me to chill out, focus on what matters, and that the hardships I face in parenting are things that other people have gone through too. My hope for this site is that I can in a small way become a part of your motherhood community, sharing my journeys, misadventures in motherhood, and encouragement with you.

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A Year Without Dieting

This week I realized it’s been a year. One year. One whole year since I was dieting.  It's kind of a big deal. Today I was talking

Friendship -Ugly truth

People sometimes talk about the ugly truth...Well, there is something to be said for being honest.  For being able to be real and open with the people

How to Accidentally make Friends

There's just SO MUCH to talk about when it comes to relationship and friendship. Today I want to talk about some elements to developing friends and to

~ Friendship Series ~

A blog series on friendship... This all started with me seeing an old college friend over the weekend. Wow. If that doesn't make me sound old. Anyways.


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